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The Purpose 


The purpose of the Get Money Channel website and YouTube videos is to increase our overall financial literacy through discussions, demonstrations, and performance.  Some of my personal financial goals are to increase my net worth to level 10 (million-dollar level), maintain my credit score above 800, increase my passive income to well over $1000 per month, generate a monthly income of my investments, and show you how to consistently beat the market. By following my journey on YouTube and this website you will have a front-row seat to how I will accomplish these goals.  

You may ask "What's in it for me? aka (WIFM):  

You will be entertained while also learning the principles of money by becoming financially literate and learning how to increase your net worth, generate income from your investments, and improve and control your debt to credit ratio.  I will help you along the road to getting out of the 'Rat Race' and achieving the freedom that comes with mastering your money.  

Knowledge Is Not Power ... The Application of  Knowledge is Power 

I believe that successful people should never stop learning. This section, therefore, provides a forum for professional discussion about news, insights, and helpful tips. Check out my latest content and let me know if you have any questions.

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Financial Litercy 

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7 Tenets of



Financial Literacy 

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