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To live in today’s world, you must spend money.  Spending is nothing more than the payout of money in buying or hiring goods or services.   The problem with spending is how much are we spending…our spending rate.


Some of the troubling facts about overspending are:

  • For the average American uncontrollable spending resulted in 60% of Americans don’t have $1,000 in savings.

  • 52% of Americans are spending more than they earn

  • 1 in 4 Americans have more debt than savings

  • Average America spends $1.33 for each $1 earned


Causes of over-spending:

  • No budget

  • Easy credit

  • Credit misuse

  • Lifestyle maintenance

  • Keeping up with the Jones

  • Spending is fun

  • Shop till you drop culture

  • Financial Stress



  • Budget.  Budge is not a bondage

  • Stick to budget

  • Live below your means

  • Appreciate what you have

  • Save for purchases

  • No is a complete sentence.  Learn to say NO

  • The spend test.  If you can’t pay for it 5 times you can’t afford


 Spending more than make you make is killing your financial future.  The Get Money Channel will have videos addressing how to establish a budget, how not to overspend, and live an abundant life while also living below your means.

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