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Credit is nothing more than the use of other people’s money (OPM) at a price.  The price is called interest to the borrower or rate of return (ROI) to the lender. 


Credit will be either your friend or foe.  Credit is a friend when used to buy assets, earn reward points, used for a very short-term loan, and get the best interest rates.  Credit can also be your worst financial foe.  Credit becomes the foe when used to buy liabilities or buy things you can’t afford.  A useful affordability test is; if you can’t buy it 5-times you can’t afford it or if you can’t pay in full when the bill is due…you can’t afford it. Responsible use of credit will give you the opportunity to leverage OPM to help build your wealth. 


 Lenders will determine your creditworthiness by looking at your credit score.  If you use credit for anything, you must have a foundational knowledge of your credit score.  Once you understand how your credit score is viewed by lenders and what determines your score…you are ready to play the money game.


​My YouTube videos will show you how to leverage credit to build wealth, how to build your credit score, how to repair your credit score, and how to protect your credit. 

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