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If you don’t create a plan for your money, someone else will. 


Your first step in financial planning is:

Having financial literacy, which means, acquiring a basic knowledge of how money and finance work.   You must understand how Compounding, The Rule of 72, and Exponential Growth are intertwined, have been, and will continue to be the path to financial freedom. 


​The next step to financial freedom is:  

Becoming aware of your current financial status.


  •  What is your net worth?

  •  How are you spending your money?

  •  Are you growing your assets?

  •  Are you controlling your liabilities?

  •  Do you have financial goals?

  •  Are you using a budget?  


These are critical questions that must be answered to develop your financial plan.  Once you have answered each of these questions, you can then start sharping your “plan of action”.   Have and use a budget, know your net worth, and write down your short-term and long-term financial goals. 


 To get started on planning your financial future please check out these YouTube videos relating to planning.

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