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Who He Is

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Financial Coach


Elliot Clark, aka ET, is a self-taught investor and a student of all things related to increasing his net worth.  He retired from the Air Force with 31 years of service, in which he started his career as a Fireman (3 years) then cross-trained to become a recruiter (26 years) and spent two years as Operations Supervisor at the U.S. Embassy in Turkmenistan.  

ET started his investment journey as an "Options" buyer in 1997, in which he had an enriching turn around; however, the Dotcom Bubble Burst of 2001 resulted in great losses and lead him towards a more passive and inconsistent road.


Then, in 2020 ET took control of his investments and started focusing on growing his dividend investments, and started selling options on some of the stocks that he owned.  This active involvement resulted in over $46,000.00 generated and a 34% ROI (Return of Investment). 


ET's Reflection :  

Realizing that his detour unto a passive and inconsistent detour was an opportunity lost, which resulted in 100s of thousand dollars lost, led to his development of the '7-Tenets of Financial Literacy'. 

ET is now creating the opportunity to share his knowledge with anyone interested in improving their financial well-being. 



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